Thursday, 3 April 2014

April 3

Final HG quiz/test tomorrow.

It will cover part III and the entire book, for big ideas like themes and messages.

Remember to review figurative language, literary devices, methods (not TYPES) of characterization and themes. Be able to explain themes in relation to the novel, using specific examples! Thinking/Application questions will always require you to tie your statement to something that is significant, thematic or symbolic. Review past quizzes and the corrections that you made during our in-class 'take up' of correct answers to help you prepare.


- Control
- Appearance versus Reality
- Dehumanization and Desensitization - we talked about this on the very first day! If you don't know these words, make sure you look them up and are familiar with them!
- Violence
- Love
- Sacrifice

Remember to bring your characterization notes to class in HARD copy format tomorrow and post to the blog.

The final blog reflection is due on Monday (this is posted in an earlier post).

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