Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April 1st (plan for 2/3rd also).

Today we are completing the group activities; discussion questions and quote identification significance for the quiz on Friday. We will discuss big themes in the novels.

April 2 and 3: Will be work periods; students can work on their ISU proposal, quiz studying, characterization notes or final HG trilogy mini task (a blog post reflection). Students should come to class prepared with everything they need to be productive during these periods. If time is being wasted, extra work will be assigned.


Characterization notes due Friday at the very start of class. Have a copy posted to the blog AND printed out. If you do not have a printer, the library has one at a cost of 10c per page.

Final blog post (below) due Monday at the start of class. 

Final Blog Post Reflection:

You may HAND write the ROUGH but MUST post the final to your blog. Proof-read for spelling and grammar mistakes and ensure that your reflection is detailed, thematic and well explained.

PROMPT for final blog post: 

The Hunger Games Trilogy is a great fictional read but there's also a lot of deeper meaning. What are the two most disturbing aspects of the Panem dystopia society and why? (Tie to themes). Why go deep – not just 'entertainment value or a good read') do you think that Suzanne Collins wrote this series to be the way that she did? Examine aspects of the book closely. How can you find examples of this (your) reason in the book(s)? 

Examples from last semester were already posted on March 17: http://eng1dvalois.blogspot.ca/2014/03/exemplars-hunger-games-posts.html

The final blog post is in place of introspection and discussion questions (it's combined) so your final post should be double the length of a normal post... at least 400-500 words. These examples are just a GUIDE as they are completely different questions from what I am asking you. 

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