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Monday March 31 - ISU

Independent Novel Study
Grade 9 - ENG1D

Name ______________________________

As a component of your English program, you are expected to complete an independent study of a novel of your choice each semester.

You will be assessed on four aspects of this novel study:

(a) 2 journal entries
(b) 1 visual representation
(c) 1 written product (in class only)
(d) 1 oral presentation

In addition to the four parts above, you will create a “proposal” (250 words approx) to 'convince' your reader (teacher) why you should be allowed to read this book. The more convincing, the greater the odds! Make sure your choice has been approved by your parent before submitting your proposal to the teacher. The same book cannot be used more than twice. Make sure you provide a “second choice” on your proposal sheet.

Please ensure that the novel (s) you have chosen have been approved by your parents and your teacher. Once your teacher approves the choice, write it below:

Novel title ______________________________________________________________

Author _________________________________________________________________

For the purpose of this assignment, a novel (no non-fiction/memoirs etc.) must be chosen. Remember to choose something of literary merit.

You will be given some class time to read, but much of the reading will be done at home /on your own time. It is your responsibility to allot the required amount of time for completion of the components of the project. The majority of the work will be completed independently; the writing for the final task must be completed in class. Details on the written and oral task will be given in June when the CPT is assigned.

Please record the following due dates in your agenda, stick them on the fridge, and do whatever else it takes to remember them!! Late consequences do apply.

Journal entry # 1 - April 23

Journal entry # 2 - May 21

Written Product: June 2-6 (must be completed and submitted in class)

Oral Presentations/Visual Representation: June 9-10

Journal Entry Considerations:

Your journal entries should be approximately two pages. Here is a great template to follow when creating them.

Title of book: _____________________________________

Pages read to date: ________________



Emerging theme(s):


(simile, metaphor, allusion, personification, imagery, etc.)

List of characters (thus far):
Include your impression of each and how they develop/change:

Significant quotations:
(include page numbers and your analysis of significance/meaning):




Predictions, observations, etc.

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