Monday, 17 March 2014

Catching Fire Part I - Review Questions

When this sequel begins, what is going on in Katniss’ and Peeta’s lives? (What is a sequel?)

Why does Katniss drop meat off at Gale’s house when he’s not home? Why won’t Gale let Katniss give his family money for food?

What is the Hob? Why does Katniss visit there? Why is it dangerous for Katniss to visit?

What “surprise” is waiting for Katniss when she comes home from hunting? What is the purpose of this surprise visit?

What is President Snow’s fear? What did Katniss do to help cause this fear? What does President Snow expect her to do to turn things around?

Why has “the kiss” with Gale put Katniss into a dangerous situation?

What is a Quarter Quell? How are the Hunger Games different during a Quarter Quell?

What will be Peeta’s talent for the interview, and how did he develop it? What is Katniss’ so-called talent?

Why doesn’t Katniss like Peeta’s paintings? What do Katniss and Peeta have in common at night? Why do you think they both have these?

Describe District 11.

How did the people of District 11 give Katniss and Peeta a salute? Why did they do this? What were the consequences?

What kind of a reception did Katniss and Peeta get in the other districts on the Victory tour? What deception did they have to keep up with in every district?

How are people able to eat so much food at feasts like this? Why does Katniss find this so repulsive and sad?

Explain what a mockingjay is, and how it was created. What can a mockingjay do that other birds can’t?

What is Katniss’ plan to escape possible death? What is Gale’s reaction? What does Katniss tell Gale that makes him change his mind?

What does Katniss think about the people of District 12 taking part in a rebellion against the Capitol? Who does she think could persuade and organize people, and why does she think this person could do that?

Since the public whipping, how have things changed in District 12? Describe at least three (3).

Where is Katniss going in the woods and why? What keeps her from getting there?

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