Monday, 24 March 2014

Mockingjay, Review Questions, Part II

1. At what moment does Finnick realize Katniss really loved Peeta?
2. Why can't Katniss be the Mockingjay anymore?
3. When they go outside after the bombing, President Snow left what for Katniss? What does this symbolize?
4. How did the Capitol torture Peeta? What effect did this have on Katniss? What does this tell us about her?
5. Who is Katniss reminded of when she sees the destruction and Boggs gives her a blanket?
6. Johanna refers to District 13 as a "rabbit warren". What does that mean?
7. Why is Gale chosen over Katniss to go to the Capitol to fight?
8. What does Katniss give to Johanna? Why is this special?
9. What is the special mission of the Star Squad?

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