Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Self Assessment for SS Test

Self Assessment – ENG1D
Short Story Unit Test

Overall Expectations:

1. Reading for Meaning: read and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of literary, informational,
and graphic texts, using a range of strategies to construct meaning.
2. Understanding Form and Style: recognize a variety of text forms, text features, and stylistic elements and demonstrate understanding of how they help communicate meaning.

Specific Expectations:

    1. - identify the important ideas and supporting details in both simple and complex text
    2. - make and explain inferences, using both stated and implied ideas from the text.
    3. - extend understanding of both simple and complex texts by making connections between
      texts and other texts.

    1. - explain different characteristics of literary texts... and explain how they communicate meaning.

    1. and 3.4 – uses spelling and grammar conventions correctly to communicate intended meaning clearly.

Short Story Criteria:

  1. I was able to identify elements of short stories in stories we already studied in class and discussed.
  2. I was able to define literary devices and create examples of them and define/list elements of short stories.
  3. I was able to understand the general plot of the sight passage and identify key elements (conflict, plot, POV) of the story.
  4. I was able to identify and explain more complex elements (symbolism, irony, theme etc) in the sight passage.
  5. I used proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure thoroughout.

Criteria Always Mostly Sometimes Rarely





Don't forget to fill this out over break. We will be conferencing after strengths/areas for improvement after the March Break! Quiz on Part II Tuesday after break.

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