Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Learning Stations

Station 1:
Comic or Poem

Choose any scene in Part II of your book. Create a 8-10 box comic strip to represent the key parts of that scene OR create a 10-15 line poem to summarize it.

Station 2:
Advice Letter

Choose any situation in Part II of your book and choose any character. Write a letter to another character asking for advice about your situation. You must explain an overview of the situation AND then outline the specific areas that you need advice about.

Write the response back to your character. Give concrete advice, based on the novel, about how your character should deal with the situation.

(Use the iPads for this task and post to your blog).

Station 3:
Visual Representation 

You will create a visual representation of one theme in the novel. On the backside, you will write 8-10 sentences explaining why your IMAGE depicts your theme.

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