Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Literature Circle Roles

Hunger Games Literature Circles

Your literature circle is a group that you will be meeting with throughout your reading of The Hunger Games. You will analyze the novel in various ways during these meetings. Each time your group meets you should assign the following roles. You must complete each role at least once during the reading of the novel. Track your roles on this worksheet.

Literature Circle Roles:

Note taker: Responsible for recording the group discussion
Time Manager: Responsible for keeping the group on track and on task
Investigator: Responsible for checking the book for any necessary background information or to check facts
Connector: Responsible for making connections between the novel and life/society/other works
Vocabulary: Responsible to looking up and recording any new words discovered in the text
Question Writer: Responsible for creating 3-5 discussion questions from the section of the novel you have read

After each literature circle discussion write a brief reflection on how you performed in your role and as a group member. Could you have added more to the discussion? Did you complete your role? How could you have been a better group member?

Role Tracking Chart:


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